French Horns

    Alexander 103 Bb/F
    Alexander 103 Bb/F double French horn in raw brass with case.  12.25" bell and .468" bore in the rotors.  Great playing classic horn.  
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    Price: $5,795.00 (USD)
    Alexander 107X
    Used Alexander 107X (gold brass) Bb/High F model Descant horn.  12.1 mm bore, 310 mm bell flare, thumb valve in A and stopping extension, and tunable leadpipe.  Alexander threads are interchangeble with Lawson.  Overall good condition with minor wear at contact points and minor dings.  Includes Lawson case.  
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    Price: $5,495.00 (USD)
    Conn 10DR Bb/F
    Used Conn 10DR Bb/F (Geyer warp) double french horn in lacquer.  Cut bell conversion (done by Brass Lab) and in overall good condition. Evidence of lacquer wear at contact points, bell, and minor dings/dents throughout. Includes case.  
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    Price: $2,895.00 (USD)
    Conn 12D "Descant"
    Used - Demo Conn 12D (yellow brass) "Descant" double french horn in lacquer.  Excellent - New condition with minor scratches throughout not effecting playablity.  No case
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    Price: $5,395.00 (USD)
    Conn 14D
    Used Conn 14D Single French Horn in lacquer.  .468" (11.89mm) bore, 12" (305mm) seamless yellow brass bell. Small throat, clear lacquer finish. Instrument is in good condition apart from  Minor lacquer wear throughout, dings and dents to bell and throat. Good beginner horn. Comes with case.
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    Price: $995.00 (USD)
    Conn 8DS F/Bb
    Used Conn 8DS F/Bb french horn in lacquer.  Overall very good condition with normal wear and tear.  Amado water key installed (John Ashcraft) and cut bell done by Brass Arts Unlimited.  Includes case. 
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    Price: $3,195.00 (USD)
    Jupiter JHR-854L
    Used - Demo Jupiter JHR-854L F/Bb double french horn in lacquer.  Yellow brass and detachable bell.  Excellent - demo condition; however, evidence of minor dent removal in bell throat area.  Includes case.
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    Price: $2,095.00 (USD)
    King Bb/F
    Used King Bb/F double french horn in nickel silver.  Produced in Eastlake, Ohio and in good condition with normal wear and tear. Evidence of minor bell repair and includes gig bag.  Perfect set-up instrument. 
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    Price: $1,395.00 (USD)
    Olds FH58-I
    Olds FH58-I Demo Double French Horn. Comes with case
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    Price: $1,995.00 (USD)
    Yamaha YHR-667 F/Bb
    Used Yamaha YHR-667 "Geyer Wrap" F/Bb full double french horn in lacquer.  Overall good condition with dents - dings through out instrument. Normal wear and tear including lacquer wear at contact points and scratching throughout. Includes case.  
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    Price: $3,200.00 (USD)

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