Piccolo Trumpets

    Adams A-P1 Bb/A
    Used Adams A-P1 Bb/A piccolo trumpet in lacquer. This piccolo is in excellent condition, with sterling silver bell, Bb and A leadpipes, and 3rd valve trigger assembly. No Case.
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    Price: $3,595.00 (USD)
    Bach VBS196 Bb/A
    Used Bach VBS196 Bb/A piccolo trumpet in gold plate.  Includes Reeves valve alignment and overall good condition. Minor bell ding and small wear at contact points.  No case. 
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    Price: $2,595.00 (USD)
    Couesnon "Monopole"
    Used Couesnon "Monopole" (N stamped on 2nd valve casing) F/G piccolo trumpet in lacquer. Excellent - like new condition. Includes case. 
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    Price: $1,095.00 (USD)
    Dillon A
    Used - Demo Dillon silver plated piccolo trumpet in A only.  Evidence of minor solder work at leadpipe.  Includes case and A lead-pipe only.  
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    Price: $495.00 (USD)
    Fides FTR8090 Symphony
    Used Fides FTR8090 Symphony Bb/A piccolo trumpet in lacquer finish. This trumpet is in New/Mint condition and comes with 4 leadpipes (Bb/A for trumpet and cornet) and hardshell case.
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    Price: $2,495.00 (USD)
    Kanstul 920
    Used Kanstul 920 Custom Class four valve Bb/A piccolo trumpet in silver plate. This trumpet is in excellent condition with little to no wear. Comes with cornet shank Bb and A tuning pipes and original Gladstone style case. 
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    Price: $1,895.00 (USD)
    Kanstul 920S
    Used Kanstul 920S (.460" bore) Bb/A piccolo in silver plate. This trumpet is in excellent condition and comes with 2 Bb pipes (cornet and trumpet shank) that are extendable to tune the instrument to A. No case. 
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    Price: $1,795.00 (USD)

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