Soprano Saxophones

    Conn New Wonder
    Vintage Conn Bb soprano saxophone. New Wonder satin silver body with polished silver near bell. Original goldwash bell. Fingernail file G# key, ring thumbrest and rolled toneholes. Pads and corks in good condition. Nice playing horn. Comes with original case.
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    Price: $1,795.00 (USD)
    Conn Straight Soprano
    Vintage CG Conn straight soprano saxophone from 1925. Gold plated with rolled tone holes. Corks and pads (with metal boosters) in good condition. Springs are blue steel. Appears to have been relacquered prior to gold plating. Circular thumb rest has been built up. Plays very well. Comes with original case. 
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    Price: $1,995.00 (USD)
    Eastman Straight Soprano
    Used Andreas Eastman straight soprano sax. Fixed straight neck. Gold lacquer 100%.  Has high F# key. Pads and corks in very good condition. Right hand keys have metal resonators. No dents or scratches. Blue steel springs. Comes with original case.
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    Price: $1,995.00 (USD)
    Used Heimer Soprano saxophone in good condition.  Comes with case and mouthpiece.
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    Price: $700.00 (USD)
    Keilwerth SX90
    Used Keilwerth SX90 straight soprano saxophone. Made in Germany. Black nickel finish with gold plated keys. All pads and corks in good condition. Some slight discoloration on F# key and thumb rest. Features high F#key, blue steel springs and adjustable plam keys.  Comes with flight case.
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    Price: $2,795.00 (USD)
    Selmer Super Action 80 II
    Mint condition Selmer Super Action 80 series ii soprano saxophone. Original lacquer 100%. Blue Steel springs. Original pads with metal resonators. Rich sounding horn with beautiful projection.  This sax was well maintained. Comes with original Selmer case.
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    Price: $4,110.00 (USD)

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