Chris Olka CB2 Tuba Mouthpiece


Dillon Music is proud to introduce the second model in a new line of tuba mouthpieces developed in collaboration with Chris Olka, Principal Tuba of the Seattle Symphony.  This CB-2 is designed to be a fantastic all-around mouthpiece for use on the contrabass tuba for all musical situations.  With a design that draws it's inspiration from the Dean of the "Great American Tuba Sound", August Helleberg, this mouthpiece produces a big, warm, rich, focused tone that has lots of core and resonance.  It is capable of producing a large volume of sound while maintaining the flexibility to change tone color and play a beautiful pianissimo as well.  It works well for most musical situations that a player would use the contrabass tuba in.  From solo and chamber music playing to large orchestral settings, this mouthpiece allows the tubist to get in the "sweet spot" of the sound using very little effort while also maintaining upper and lower register response.

Some of the features of this model include:

Inner rim diameter at the bite is: 1.295"
Throat is: .319"
Cup is medium-deep funnel shape
Rim is moderately rounded with well defined inner bite
European shank is .540"
American shank is .525"

An innovative back-bore design that creates remarkable resonance on a wide range of instruments

This mouthpiece works equally well on all sizes of contrabass tuba from 3/4 to 6/4, piston or rotor, BBb or CC.  With a comfortable rim and well-balanced playing characteristics that allow for long playing sessions without fatigue, the player will find this to be a "do everything" tuba mouthpiece.

Available with either European (.535") or American (.525") shanks

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Chris Olka CB2 Tuba Mouthpiece
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1. on 6/17/2017, said:
Great all round mouthpiece for ANY tuba-please don't think this is just for big beasts, works equally well on my 5/4 BBb as my Sovereign EEb! Low range is great and the top end is bang on the money too Great work Chris and team!
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