Hand Guard



Leather Specialties French Horn Strap

The Fhrap wraps around the horn where the left hand grips. It relives tension in the left hand in order to relax the musician. Good for beginners!

Alexander Lever Protectors

Fine leather protectors, set of 4 pieces, for french horn levers.

Alexander French Horn Gaurd Lace

Handguard for French Horn with String (Lace). Fine Leather.

Alexander French Horn Velcro hand guard

Hand guard for French Horn with Velcro fastener. Fine Leather.

Alexander Palm Rest Adjustable (Flipper)

The flipper by which all others are measured by. Alexander manufactures this fully adjustable left hand aid - which takes the weight of the horn off of the pinky finger. This allows far more dexterity of the fingers. Note: This item needs to be soldered o

Alexander Left Hand Holding Strap

For better handling. Fine leather.

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