Best Brass Warm-Up Mutes

With Best Brass’s unique acoustic design, the Sound Transformer “Warm-up” has superior intonation and less back pressure compared to other practice mutes. The fact that many professional players choose the Best Brass Warm-up prove its excellence.

Best Brass PotStop French Horn Stopping Mute

PotStop is a stop mute whose feature is truly one-of-a-kind. This mute allows you to play stopping with a regular fingering on a score and also can be used for F, Bb, F/Bb double horn, and now even for Vienna horns!
When first developed, the ‘Non-transpo

Alexander Stopping Mute, Tuneable

This stopping mute is considered by many to be the 'Rolls Royce' of the mute world. Both for it's playing characteristics... and it's price. But remember, once you purchase a good mute - it will last you for your entire career. Try this stop mute - compar

Trumcor French Horn Mute Model 44T

With a relatively open muted sound, the No. 44T is capable of tremendous dynamic contrasts. Exceptionally responsive in all registers, the No. 44 comes with two differently sized "donuts" for aperture control and a tunable chimney.

Trumcor 45/45T French Horn Mute

While having a shape and feel similar to a "Rittich" style mute, the No. 45 retains the warm sound associated with a TrumCor mute. The No. 45T is a tunable mute with an adjustable chimney.

Trumcor No. 24 French Horn Mute

Designed and shaped for large bore horns, especially the Conn 8-D, the No. 24 is in essence an elongated No. 5.

Trumcor Sri-Stop French Horn Mute

A remarkably versatile stopping mute that plays well in tune with a great sound, the Tri-Stop comes with three interchangeable bell flares. Each flare is uniquely sized to accommodate tone color, register and volume needs.

Trumcor 4/5 Stealth French Horn Mute

Simply the best practice mute available, the Stealth is a must for hotel rooms and late night practicing. Pitch and articulation are excellent. The Stealth comes in two sizes, the No. 5 and the slightly smaller No. 4

Trumcor 4/5 French Horn Mute

Patterned after the "DePolis" mute, the No. 5 sounds especially good in the upper register. The No. 4, made for narrow bore horns, is a slightly smaller version of the No. 5.

Humes & Berg French Horn Straight Mute

Stonelined Straight French Horn Mute

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