Dillon Music Trumpet Practice Mute

Have you ever needed to practice late at night, or play a few notes in the hall before a big entrance? A good practice mute is worth it's weight in gold. Now you can have a GREAT practice mute, at an even better price. Our new Dillon Music Practice Mute f

Best Brass Warm-Up Mutes

With Best Brass’s unique acoustic design, the Sound Transformer “Warm-up” has superior intonation and less back pressure compared to other practice mutes. The fact that many professional players choose the Best Brass Warm-up prove its excellence.

Best Brass Nano Warm-Up Mute

This astoundingly small Warm-up is not just a midget. It is a practice/warm-up accessory. Let me introduce how to use.

1. Insert in any Wah-Wah mutes and practice/warm-up quietly.
2. Place on any mouthpieces and do a buzzing practice/warm-up.
3. Wear

Marcus Bonna Trumpet Straight Mute

Mute made of fiberglass.

Experience the great sound of MB mutes made of fiberglass.

Best Brass Wah-Wah & Cool Jazz Trumpet Mute

Many of top Jazz players are particular about the taste of their own Wah-Wah(harmon) sound. Imagine yourself playing a cool solo with your favorite Wah-Wah mute; it must look sharp, however, it cannot be achieved if the mute plays sharp: as most of the co

Trumcor Trumpet Lyric Mute

Often called "the job saver", this mute is designed for soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velvet sound blends well with all instruments. Articulation is responsive and clear, even at the s

Trumcor Straight Mute for Trumpet

The TrumCor Straight Mute has a unique design that allows for a superior fit, exceptional intonation, and instant response. A combination of aluminum alloys produces a rich and brilliant sound in every register.

Faxx Chicago Style Trumpet Plunger Mute

Faxx FTM160 "Chicago Style" plunger trumpet mute. Made of black rubber, this versatile plunger mute is a must-have for trumpet players of all ages and abilities.

Best Brass E-Brass IV Trumpet Mute

A fundamentally new approach to the design of the mute.
'e-BrassIV Trumpet' was created by carrying out a thorough investigation of the ideal
acoustical design of something we call the total “Instrument,” comprising the trumpet, a
mouthpiece, and final

Best Brass Trumpet Straight Mute

Best Brass’ straight has a dark and rich sound from its pianissimo in all registers, while it still is hard to accomplish that with traditional straight mutes. Especially, the difference in low registers is a definite advantage. Also, a lot of conventiona

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