Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer

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  • Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer
  • Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer
  • Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer
  • Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer
  • Carol Brass Mini Pocket Trumpet, Lacquer

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New 6.8" mini-pocket trumpet" It is probably one of the smallest play-able Bb trumpets in the world. The reason we develop that "small" instrument is because we want to attract more people to enjoy in playing the brass instrument. The mini-pocket has special designed small rim edged yellow brass bell and overall light weight construction, it is easy to play we suppose it is a perfect Bb brass instruments for all players (especially designed for kids, first year players, amateur players and even pro players) at every occasions and every time.

Model: CPT-1000
Key: Bb
Bore: ML (0.460";11.70mm)
Bell Material: Y (Yellow brass)
Bell Size: Super small
Valves Material: Stainless steel
Tuning Slide: Yellow brass inner/ outer


Also come with:
Black Gig bag (4 colors of the stripe of bag: red, blue, yellow and white)
CarolBrass® 7C plastic mouthpiece
Cleaning cloth (wipe)
La Tromba T2 valve oil

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4 Reviews

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    Pocket Rocket

    Posted by Avery Sharpe on 14th Sep 2021

    I don't know a think about trumpets. One day I just got the urge to learn. Did some research and found out that CarolBrass gives the best bang for the buck. Ordered up a heavy mod kit, brass valve stems, and a bigger mouthpiece... you really get a TON more sound out of the smaller bell than you go into it anticipating. Now it's just a matter of waiting on the upgrades to get here.

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    Posted by Diego Urcola on 18th Apr 2021

    Incredible little horn! Contradicting some reviews that in read, it plays great in all registers. Low G and F# don't resonate much because of the small bell but if you play the horn with a big mouthpiece the low register sounds OK. My practice mute fits OK and one of my harmon mutes also fits in the tiny bell. I don't understand the reasoning behind all these pocket trumpet with big bells! it defeats the whole purpose of having a very portable horn for short trips. Thank You Dillons for an incredible deal on this horn!

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    Best price, expectations met.

    Posted by Ryan on 1st Apr 2021

    This horn is a blast to play, a great price and does exactly everything I hoped it would. It is important to set your expectations and know the limitations.

    The small bell on this trumpet means the low notes do not speak as easily and the horn can be overblown (compared to a traditional trumpet.) With that said I was very satisfied with the Mini Pocket. The valves and slides feel precise and responsive. The valve action is very smooth and I do not feel limited in any way by them. The horn is adorable and fun to play. This DOES sound like a real instrument. This horn screams up high if you hit the gas and can still open up and sound warm, although this horn will always be on the brighter side of the spectrum.

    This horn is a big step up from the dozens of ~$100 amazon horns. It sounds very nice in the hands of a skilled musician. I would not recommend this as your only trumpet, but it makes a wonderful practice, travel, novelty horn.

    Other notes: Pocket trumpets sound much louder to the player than traditional trumpets, as you are more than a foot closer to the bell.
    I find I'm emptying the water keys more than on my main, not sure if its all the extra bends or my imagination, but I thought I would mention it.
    Mine came packaged well with all the accessories but was missing the plastic mouthpiece (that I was never going to try anyway.)
    The pouch on the case CAN fit a small (pixie) size practice mute (like the Dillon music one) albeit with a slight bulge.
    I like the case, it's padded, compact and the horn fits snugly- but it is soft, so use common sense and don't crush it. (2nd slide faces upward towards the pouch and is the most likely point of failure if excessive force was applied to the case.

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    Great mini pocket trumpet!

    Posted by Bruin Brass on 12th Dec 2020

    Major props to Dillon Music for selling this little horn for the absolute best price around. I just received my CarolBrass Mini Pocket Trumpet via UPS and it arrived in a solid quality box and was very well protected. I am VERY impressed with this tiny horn. It has an outstanding build quality - I foresee it lasting many fun years of use. It has very good intonation for this type of horn. CarolBrass valves - as expected - work fantastically smooth and quietly. You'd be hard pressed to find a finer mini pocket trumpet anywhere for this price. Comes with nice padded soft case, carrying strap, 7C plastic mouthpiece, valve oil, slide grease, polishing cloth, instructions for care and warranty. You can take this little horn virtually anywhere so you can enjoy practicing and making music anywhere you go.

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