Charles Lazarus Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Euro  Ideal for rotary valve trumpets. Also great on piston horns for a huge dark, rich, and powerful symphonic sound. 

  • Inner Diameter - 1.5 or 1.25
  • Cup - Deep B style,
  • Throat - #25
  • Backbore - New rotary backbore trumpet design. Full and open. 

Lyric  For all general classical playing. Perfect for orchestral playing with a big powerful projecting tone.

  • Inner Diameter - 1.5 or 1.25
  • Cup - Medium deep B/C 
  • Throat - #25
  • Backbore - Efficient medium symphonic #2 

Coloratura   For maximum agility and flexibility with a full rich tone and ease of play. Great for brass quintet, jazz combo, and demanding solo repertoire. Also, an ideal choice for young players.

  • Inner Diameter- 5
  • Cup- Medium deep C style 
  • Throat - #25
  • Backbore - Efficient medium symphonic #2 

Clarion   Designed for piccolo trumpet and also great for general upper register work on all other trumpets where a full rich and crystal clear clarion tone is desired. Available in cornet or trumpet shanks.

  • Inner Diameter - 10
  • Cup - Medium shallow CD. Like a shallow C cup
  • Throat - #27 
  • Backbore - Efficient medium Symphonic #2 (trumpet shank)

Jetstream   For commercial and lead trumpet work that requires a projecting tone in loud ensembles. Designed to make it super easy to speed up the air! Geared to favor the upper register. The rim has slightly less bite than the standard Lazarus rim in order to maximize flexibility above high C. The cup is designed to be an efficient screamer that is deep enough so that players don’t have to be concerned about bottoming out. 

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