Prohands "Gripmaster" Hand Exerciser

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  • Prohands "Gripmaster" Hand Exerciser
  • Prohands "Gripmaster" Hand Exerciser
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4 different colors with different resistance levels

High quality with spring piston technology

Gripmaster Hand Grip Review:

The Gripmaster is a rising superstar gadget mainly for strengthening individual fingers. The target market of this device are usually athletes and musicians who use their hands and fingers most of the time, and aim to improve their skills in their field. Such as bowlers, golfers, racquet players for sports, and guitarists, violinists, and pianists for people who plays musical instruments.

We have included all the intensity levels of the Gripmaster in one package as it is sure that you will improve your strength gradually. Each one amounts to about 12 bucks, four of this for about 39 is a lot of savings. For treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it is likely you will need all four as time progresses.

The Gripmaster works by trying to grip this device using one hand, while pressing the spring powered jolts using your fingers. Either you press them using only your fingertips, or extending your fingers so the jolts are pressed with the middle part of your fingers. It may seem awkward at first, but your hands will be more powerful once you get the hang of it.

Caution: you may want to start with the lightest resistance and test it by gripping in minimal pressure to avoid injury due to abruptness of suddenly training your hands from zero to high intensity.

This device is good for strengthening and conditioning your hands and forearms to improve muscle control and toughness. That is why musicians and athletes benefit from the Gripmaster, hence it will surely help typists and office workers as well. Not only your fingers and wrist begin to heal away against CTS, it strengthens your hand muscles even more to build itself to resist any chronic injury that can come back. So it helps both for treatment and prevention.

Our fingers have their own unique structure and capacity, and Gripmaster focuses on each and every finger and not just the hand as a whole. This is the feature that separates the Gripmaster from the ordinary hand grip.

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