Sound Back MULTI‐D Acoustic Panel for Trombone, Flute & Winds

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With SOUNDBACK patented acoustic monitors, your own sound is reflected back to you so you can hear yourself better and with less effort.  These panels also increase the volume and captures more of your instrument's core sound through the PA system while eliminating annoying feedback. 

Made from high-grade hard cast acrylic plastic that is stronger and better resist scratches and chipping than similar extruded material.  In addition, a special UV additive prevents yellowing and will extend plastic panels life.  These panels are totally hand-made by expert craftsman in the USA.  Each panel is precision cut and edges are sanded and polish to an ultra-smooth surface.

Easily attaches to most microphones and the clear plastic material is practically undetectable to the audience and cameras.  Acoustic panels are made from high quality, scratch resistant acrylic and precision manufactured to provide years of reliable performance.

The MULTI-D is designed for use for Trombone, Flute & Most Wind Instruments  Simple single panel with special D shape that allows trombone bell to be place near panel and slide to pass past the panel eliminated contact. Compact size and angle design.

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