Used Pearl 785 Model Flute

Used Pearl 785 Model professional flute. Sterling silver body, head joint and foot. Open hole with offset G and B foot. Silver plated mechanism. French pointed keys. Beautiful dark full sounding instrument. Comes with case and case cover.

Dillon Student Flute

Excellent Student Flute!
With a warm, open sound throughout all registers, this is a perfect flute for any student. This flute is silver plated throughout and has an off-set G for easier reach and a split E key to aid in the upper register. You will no

Used Yamaha YFL-481 Flute

Used Yamaha YFL-481 open hole intermediate flute with sterling silver body, foot joint and head joint. Includes in-line G and C foot. Overall very good condition with minor surface scratches and includes original case.

Used Gemeinhardt Wood Piccolo Flute

Used Gemeinhardt wood piccolo in very good condition. Grenadilla wood is in beautiful shape and is crack free. May need a few pads replaced. Great sound throughout instrument and excellent intonation. Wood piccolo at this price is steal!

Used Armstrong Heritage Flute

Used Armstrong student model flute. Nickel body and keys. Offset G with C foot. Very good beginner instrument. Comes with case.

Used Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute

Gemeinhardt 3SHB model intermediate flute. Silver plated body and keys. Sterling silver J head joint. Open hole, inline G with B foot. Plays well. Great step up instrument. Comes with a Protec case.

Used Bundy Flute

Used Bundy student model flute. Nickel body and keys. Surface scratches throughout with some wear at contact points. Pads in good condition. Great starter or marching band flute. Comes with cleaning rod and case.

Used Emerson EBLPIW Boston Legacy Piccolo

Emerson Boston Legacy grenadila wood piccolo. This instrument is in new/demo conditon. The wood shows no sign of splits or cracks. Keys are silver plated. Features a bubble style head joint. Comes with a leather covered hard case and canvas case cover.

Dillon Bass Flute

Silver-plated Bass Flute with curved headjoint and engraved lip plate, French style keys with pointed arms, white plastic key buttons. The thumb crutch provides for better hand position and ease of playing. It comes in a zippered fabric covered case with

Used Gemeinhardt M3 Flute

Gemeinhardt M3 flute. Open hole, inline G with C foot. Silver plated with slight surface scratches throughout. Pads and corks in good condition. Comes with original case

Used Armstrong 104 Student Flute

Used Armstrong 104 model student flute. Nickel plated with minimal surface scratches. Just repadded. Plays very well. Comes with original case. Great instrument for the beginning flute player or for marching band.

Amadeus AF 680 Flute

Haynes Amadeus sterling silver headjoint
Silver plated body, mechanism, and footjoint
Open hole, French pointed arms
Offset G, B footjoint
French style case with nylon cover

Dillon Silver Plated Piccolo

Dillon Silver-Plated Piccolos are extremely easy to play with a
consistent warm sound throughout all registers. With accurate
intonation and a bright yet rich timbre, Dillon piccolos are
mechanically dependable enough for the marching band field, but

Hercules Peg for Piccolo

The Velvet Covered Peg protects the finish of the instrument.

Used Armstrong 104 Flute

Used Armstrong 104 student model flute. Nickel plated body and keys. Pads in good condition. Offset G with C foot. Comes with case.

Used Gemeinhardt M3 Flute

Used Gemeinhardt M3 flute. Silver plated body, keys and headjoint. Open hole, inline G with B foot. Pads and corks in good condition. Plays well. Case has a space for an extra head joint. Comes with case cover.

Dillon Composite Piccolo

Key of C, composite body and head joint, nickel-plated keys, wave lip plate

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