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Acoustic Sound Monitor for Saxophones

Working on your sound, articulation, and dynamic contrast is much easier with DEFLECTOR since you hear yourself much better. Using the DEFLECTOR is similar to playing against a wall but more direct and far more effective. Also, you can practice softer (yo

Flute Plugs Set

A52 French plugs for open hole flutes, metal disc (set of 5)
A52P French plugs for open hole flutes, plastic (set of 5)

Humistat Humidifiers Black

Helps prevent cracking, warping, shrinkage, sticking keys and pads.
Refillable, adjustable, slows aging, enhances tone.

Model No. 1: 2 3/8" Long by 3/4" Round
Ideal for: Piccolos, Clarinets, Oboes , English Horns, Recorders, Violins, Violas, Mandol

BG Clarinet Thumb Rest

Comfortable soft ABS material Fits standard thumb rests

Fits Yamaha and Jupiter horns Stable & ergonomic cushion

Fits Buffet and Selmer horns Stable & ergonomic cushion

Yamaha Flute key ring patches; 10 pk

Covers holes completely
Remove patch has hand position develops
Universal - will fit all brands of flute

Original Swab Tenor Sax Mute- Black

Made by the Original Swab Co - a saxophone mute! Stick one of these down your bell to bring your volume down just a touch, making life a little easier on your neighbors! Also helps with the troublesome "gurgle" on the low notes so often found on horns. Sm

Selmer Clarinet Tuning Rings

Clarinet Tuning Rings, Hard Rubber (Set of one ea. - 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm)

Runyon Sax Palm Key Riser (Set of 3 )

Reach those keys with ease and no palm contortions. By elevating the keys and providing a non-slip surface, the player can utilize a faster, smoother technique. Runyon Palm Key Risers make the palm keys easier to reach, allowing faster technique. Made of

Humistat Hygrometer

Take the guesswork out of maintaining the optimum humidity level in your instrument case with a Humistat® Hygrometer.

Available in Gold or Silver finish.

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