Rico H-Ligature and Cap

The H-Ligature was conceived as a "retro" version of the famous Harrison ligature, used by many of the worlds greatest saxophonists and clarinetists. H-Ligatures make use of a four-point system, which applies equal pressure to the reed, and feature a two-

Used Selmer Signet Bari Sax

Used Selmer Company Signet model baritone sax with low A. From the 1970s. Original lacquer 85% intact. Surface scratches throughout. Nickel keys. Pads and corks in good condition. Low A can be played using left thumb or left pinky. Comes with case.

Used Phil Barone Tenor Sax

Used Phil Barone tenor sax. Honey lacquer with pads, corks and felts in very good condition. Includes high F# key, brass resonators, blue steel springs and ribbed construction. Engraving on both bell and neck. Annealed brass body. Comes with original con

Used Heimer Soprano Sax

Used Heimer Soprano Sax. Gold lacquer with nickel keys. Pads and corks in good condition. Comes with case.

used Reynolds alto sax

Used Reynolds Medalist alto saxophone (Martin Indiana stencil). Made in France.
Recently had a complete professional overhaul. Good condition. Gold lacquer body and bell with nickel plated keys. Comes with a case.

used King Super 20 bari sax

Vintage King Super 20 Baritone Saxophone. Original gold lacquer still about 60% has silver nickel plated keys. No dents or dings. Low Bb with original case. Large bell provides a huge sound.

Used King 613 student alto sax

Used King 613 student model alto saxophone. Gold lacquer with nickel plated keys. Original lacquer shows considerable surface scratches and patina throughout. Pads and corks in good condition. This will make a good beginner or marching band horn. Comes w

Used Keilwerth SX90 Black Nickel Soprano Sax

Used Keilwerth SX90 straight soprano saxophone. Made in Germany. Black nickel finish with gold plated keys. All pads and corks in good condition. Some slight discoloration on F# key and thumb rest. Features high F#key, blue steel springs and adjustable pa

Used RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Sax

Used RS Berkeley Virtuoso Model tenor sax. Lacquer finish 100% original. All pads and corks in very good condition. High F# key with Blue Steel springs. Comes with original case.

Used Conn Gold Plated Soprano Sax

Vintage CG Conn straight soprano saxophone from 1925. Gold plated with rolled tone holes. Corks and pads (with metal boosters) in good condition. Springs are blue steel. Appears to have been re-lacquered prior to gold plating. Circular thumb rest has been

Used Buescher True Tone Alto sax

"TRUE-TONE" Buescher alto saxophone with heavy lacquer wear and one minor ding on the bottom of the bow. The bell keys are split with wire key guards. Mother of pearl key buttons, black rollers with a 4-roller key cluster on the left pinkie keys. It ha

Used Jupiter JTS-687 Student Model Tenor Sax

Used Jupiter YTS-687 student model tenor sax. Pads and corks in good condition. Gold lacquer with nickel silver keys. Very small ding in stem just above Eb key. Slight lacquer wear and surface scratches throughout. Plays very well top to bottom. Comes wit

Rigotti Gold Jazz Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Saxophone Reeds – Box of 10

Used Selmer Super Action 80 Bari Sax

Used Selmer Super Action 80 bari sax. 75% original lacquer intact. Scratches and wear on the finish throughout. Includes low A and high F# keys. Evidence of dent repair on bell and stem. Neck pull down has been repaired including additional brace added to

used Stephanhouser alto sax

Demo/like new Stephanhöuser SAS2000 Eb Professional Alto Saxophone features include lacquer stem and bow with sterling silver bell and neck. Patented screw-less key system, full rib construction, high F# key one-piece bow, and enhanced engraving on the

used Selmer Balanced Action alto sax

Vintage Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophone from 1935 or 36. Original lacquer about 85% intact. Pads are dark leather and are covering but will need to be replaced sooner than later. Pearls are somewhat worn but typical for a horn of this age. Blue ste

Rigotti Gold Jazz Alto Saxophone Reeds

Saxophone Reeds – Box of 10

Used Buescher True Tone Tenor Sax

Used Buescher True Tone tenor saxophone. Re-lacquered with about 85% left. Nice vintage horn. Pads and corks are in good condition with plastic resonators. Several surface scratches throughout. Comes with original case.

used Selmer MKVI alto sax

Selmer MKVI alto saxophone. 113,XXX from 1965. Still has over 80% original lacquer with some wear on bell and near thumbrest. Light surface scratches throughout. Features are blue steel springs and metal resonators. Nice sounding horn. Great example

Dillon Tenor Saxophone

The Dillon Tenor Saxophone is an easy to play saxophone with good intonation and a great sound. This free blowing instrument is perfect for any student and comes with a mouthpiece, metal ligature, plastic cap, and hard case. This durable saxophone has a

Hercules Sop Sax/Flugelhorn Peg

The HERCULES Velvet Peg DS603B is designed for Soprano Saxophones/Flugelhorns.

used Parisian FE Olds tenor sax

Used Olds Parisian student model tenor saxophone made in France in brass lacquer with nickel-silver plated keys and mother of pearl buttons and rollers. This is a Pierret Paris Stencil Parisian tenor sax, not to be mistaken with the Olds Parisian Ambassa

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