Used Phil Barone Tenor Sax

Used Phil Barone tenor sax. Honey lacquer with pads, corks and felts in very good condition. Includes high F# key, brass resonators, blue steel springs and ribbed construction. Engraving on both bell and neck. Annealed brass body. Comes with original con

Used RS Berkeley Virtuoso Tenor Sax

Used RS Berkeley Virtuoso Model tenor sax. Lacquer finish 100% original. All pads and corks in very good condition. High F# key with Blue Steel springs. Comes with original case.

Used Jupiter JTS-687 Student Model Tenor Sax

Used Jupiter YTS-687 student model tenor sax. Pads and corks in good condition. Gold lacquer with nickel silver keys. Very small ding in stem just above Eb key. Slight lacquer wear and surface scratches throughout. Plays very well top to bottom. Comes wit

Used Buescher True Tone Tenor Sax

Used Buescher True Tone tenor saxophone. Re-lacquered with about 85% left. Nice vintage horn. Pads and corks are in good condition with plastic resonators. Several surface scratches throughout. Comes with original case.

Dillon Tenor Saxophone

The Dillon Tenor Saxophone is an easy to play saxophone with good intonation and a great sound. This free blowing instrument is perfect for any student and comes with a mouthpiece, metal ligature, plastic cap, and hard case. This durable saxophone has a

used Parisian FE Olds tenor sax

Used Olds Parisian student model tenor saxophone made in France in brass lacquer with nickel-silver plated keys and mother of pearl buttons and rollers. This is a Pierret Paris Stencil Parisian tenor sax, not to be mistaken with the Olds Parisian Ambassa

Dakota SDT-XG 505 Tenor Saxophone

This Tenor Sax has the same specs as our SDA-XG 303 Alto. Its true tapered graduated large bell plus custom designed Italian premium pads/boosters complete this model’s claim as a “Powerhouse” Sax designed for those who want everything in a Tenor Sax. “Lo

Used Phil Baron Tenor Saxophone

Used Phil Barone honey lacquered tenor sax. Lacquer is 100% intact and original. No scratches or dents. Features a high F# key, blue steel springs, nickel resonators. Comes with case.

Dakota SDT-XG 606 Tenor Saxophone

Pro Players chose this model over any other sax available. They want maximum brilliance, rich tonality in every register and solid focused sound along with optimum audience recognition. They got it all with this Dakota model. The specs for this model are

Used Bundy II Tenor Sax

Used Bundy II Tenor Saxophone in good condition. Gold lacquer 95% intact with nickel keys. Slight wear on some keys and a few tiny dings on the bell. Pads and corks in good condition. Plays well. Great starter or marching band horn. Comes with gig bag.


TW02 - Professional Model. The upgraded replacement for the 902 series, this TWO2 bronze model is suited just as well to aspiring beginners as to experienced professionals. It has a strong tonal core thanks to a re-engineered bore and toneholes, plus many

used Martin tenor sax

Vintage Martin tenor saxophone from the early sixties. Horn has been relacquered and has some lacquer wear on mostly on the bell. Gold body with nickel silver keys. Metal tone booster resonators with leather pads. Stainless steel springs. May need so

Selmer Prelude Tenor Saxophone

The Selmer TS711 Prelude Tenor Saxophone is Selmer's entry level student tenor saxophone and replaces the TS700/TS701. The Prelude features a gold lacquer body with high F#, rocking table keys and articulated C#. It's an ideal choice for the beginning stu

Dakota SDT-XR 52 Tenor Saxophone

This artist approved Tenor has all the specs and features as described in the-SDA-XR 42 except the bell size is 6.26 at the bell flare. Stainless steel long rods guarantee instant closure and rapid response at all times. Harmonics, in all ranges, are “tru

Used Buescher 400 Tenor Sax

Buescher 400 Tenor sax in good condition. Pads come with metal resonators. Stainless steel springs. Gold lacquer with nickel silver plated keys. Horn has been relacquered. Comes with SKB case.

Selmer Paris 64J Tenor Saxophone

The Selmer Paris Series III tenor is the gold standard in classical saxophones. Its sound is superbly crafted and its ergonomics have been duplicated the world over. The Series III soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones epitomize speed. Lightning-q

Selmer Paris 54JM Tenor Saxophone- Matte Lacquer

The 54JM is identical to the 54JU except that the matte finish with lacquer keys provides a unique look and warm tone. The Series II sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and baritone saxophones have been the professional choice for a generation and cont

P Mauriat PMXT-66RCL Professional Tenor Saxophone - Cognac Lacquer

PMXT-66R Series Tenor Saxophones incorporate P. Mauriat's unique rolling process which fully utilizes the saxophone's existing material. Unlike rolled toneholes of the past, there is no soldering here, the toneholes are drawn from the body and then rolled

Yanagisawa TWO10 Tenor Saxophone

The TWO10 features all of the standard Yanagisawa T99x series mechanical improvements such as:

Connected C#-B roller
Underslung octave mechanism
Double arm construction on the Low C & B keys

The TWO10 further builds on T99x platform wi

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