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Used York Eb Custom tuba

Used York Custom Eb tuba in silver/raw brass, no case. 19.5" upright bell, 4 front action pistons of .687" bore that have been overhauled by Anderson Plating, plus .770" bore 5th rotor valve.

Eastman Model EBE853 Eb Tuba

• Key of EEb, 4/4 size • .687” bore • 17” yellow brass, upright bell • 4 front-action pistons • Clear lacquer finish • Deluxe fiberglass case w/wheels

Besson 983 EEb Tuba- Lacquer

The BE983 is a four valve front action compensated tuba and is the preferred tuba for many soloists and chamber musicians, and is especially popular in the USA. It has a lightness of touch and a singing quality by design, granting the soloist and chamber

Used Yamaha YEB-321S Eb tuba

Yamaha YEB-321S Eb tuba in silver with case. 15" upright bell and 4 top action pistons of .590" bore. Tuba is in very good shape.

Willson 3400S FA-5 Eb Tuba Marty Erickson Model

Designed by the world-famous tuba player Marty Erickson.
This tuba features an excellent response in all registers, a rich and clear sound, and is extremely easy to play.

Dillon 981S Eb Tuba

Dillon 981S Compensating Eb Tuba.

This Eb tuba is modeled after the classic British Brass Band style Eb tubas used in England for decades.

Key: Eb

4 Compensating piston valves (3+1 setup)

.681" Bore

19" Yellow Brass Bell


Willson Model 3400C Compact 5 valve Eb Tuba

This small, compact Eb Tuba is setting new standards in the tuba sector. The tuba is compact and uncompensated. The tones are highly centred and allow a direct, subtle intonation. The tuba projects sound extremely well and can be played with incomparable

Besson Sovereign 981 / 982 Eb Tuba

Devotees of the Eb tubas have a choice between the Sovereign 980 with a smaller bell model, the 981 with the classic 19-inch bell model with the ‘John Fletcher’ leadpipe, and the 982 with carriage rings and a slightly smaller tapered leadpipe. For years t

Miraphone Starlight model 383 EEb Tuba in Gold Brass

model 383 Starlight
rotary valves
5 valves
gold brass body
with nickel silver wreath

Miraphone Norwegian Star E283-5V EEb Tuba

The Eb tuba 283 “Norwegian Star” impresses with its versatility as a professional instrument for the orchestra musician as well as for members of chamber groups and wind bands.

The newly developed body taper and the bell with a diameter of 400 mm (15,7

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