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Petersen Music Stand

simple, modern, sleek design
solid desk folds along axle-hinge when compacted
black injection-molded ABS plastic
hi-impact resistance
patented collapsing mechanisms
adjustable desk angle
dovetailed leg joinery
quick set-up/take-down (30 seco


Designed for the musician demanding portability without sacrificing any Manhasset quality. This highly portable concert style music stand sports the same built-in features that have made Manhasset famous since 1935. Perfect for touring musicians or groups

K&M Trumpet holder

Attaches to music stands. Clamp adjustable to 0.91". Support arm covered with non-marring material to protect the instrument.

Nomad Heavy-Duty Solid Desk Music Stand

The Multi-Adjustable Folding Desk rotates 360 Degree and tilts up to 90 Degree to provide performance comfort at any angle
The Durable Cuff and Steel-Threaded Lock Knob allows for precise stand height adjustment
The Adjustable Tripod Base quickly locks

Nomad Open Folding Desk Music Stand

The Multi-Adjustable Folding Desk rotates 360 Degree and tilts up to 90 Degree to provide performance comfort at any angle
Open Desk Design significantly reduces weight for transport
The Compact, One-Piece Folding Design allows stand to slip into easy t

Manhasset Music Clip

A transparent, highly durable plastic clip that makes playing in the wind a breeze. MusiClips clamp over the entire length of your music for a firm, secure grip, accommodate large collections of music and fit all music stands.

Manhasset Accessory Shelf

ABS plastic shelf slides onto the ledge of your stand, instantly converting it to a double lipped orchestral stand. This shelf that is 16 inches long, provides convenient storage for your music paraphernalia.

Hercules Orchestra Stand Perforated Desk w/ Swivel Legs

The HERCULES Music Stand BS311B features the patented EZ Clutch Height Adjustment Grip, a perforated folding desk, a tiltable tripod base, open taps for instrument pegs and wire page retainers.

Perforated Aluminum Folding Desk has page reta

K&M 10062 Music stand Robby Plus

This music stand is equipped with an expandable music desk. Both music rests can be expanded to the right and the left and together with the additional sheet music holder provide for the viewing of 4 DIN A4 sheets of music next to each other. The comforta

Hercules Carrying Bag for Orchestra Stand

The HERCULES Carrying Bag BSB001 is made for HERCULES orchestra stands and band & orchestra instrument stands (selected models).

Suitable for HERCULES Orchestra Stand BS301B, BS311B, BS408B or BS418B. Capacity: 1 stand
Suitable for HERCULE

Manhasset Voyager Tote Bag

An excellent compliment to the portability of the Voyager Music Stand (AC52), this durable nylon tote bag is designed to efficiently transport your Voyager Stand. It features a comfortable shoulder strap and provides ample room for books or sheet music, o

Manhasset M48 Symphony Stand Single

Perfect for orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians that demand high quality and durability. This is our most popular music stand. The Manhasset Symphony Stand is used by more schools than all other music stands combined. Our Symphony Stand des

Nomad Perforated Folding Desk Music Stand

The Steel-Threaded Lock Knobs allow the desk to tilt up to 90 Degree to provide performance comfort at any angle

The Folding Perforated Desk Design reduces weight for ease of transport

The Compact, One-Piece Folding Design allows stand to slip into

Nomad Perforated Desk Music Stand

-The Multi-Adjustable Folding Desk rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees to provide performance comfort at any angle
-The One-Piece Perforated Desk reduces weight for ease of transport
-The Durable Cuff and Steel-Threaded Lock Knob allows for p

K&M Sheet music clip - black (pack of 4)

Useful accessory to hold sheet music, notes, reports etc. to music stands. 4 pieces in a poly bag.

K&M 10040 Music stand

Solid height-adjustable music stand with a special music desk which can be opened up with a flick of a wrist and can be put back away just as easily. After the installation, the tube combination consisting of 3 parts is height adjustable between 650 and 1

K&M 100/1 Music stand - black

K&M's music stands helps to make music fun for kids of all ages. Folding, 3-piece telescopic design. L (folded): 460 mm, Wt: 1.3 kg, MD: 435 x 215 mm, H: 625/1240 mm.

Hercules Two-Section EZ Glide Music Stand

The HERCULES EZ-Glide Music Stand BS100B is a lightweight stand ideal for musicians whether they prefer sitting or standing while they play.

The EZ Angle Roller with special frictioning rubber holds the desk at the desired angle.


The Manhasset Floor Protectors protect against those expensive to repair scratches, marks and gouges in wood or tile floors. Each vinyl protector slips easily onto the base "toes" and stay firmly in place to prevent any unnecessary scratching of floor sur

Hamilton Classic American Folding Sheet Music Stand

In continuous production since 1940! Ideal for the advancing musician, it works well for an aspiring musician

American style desk made famous by Hamilton
Desk is removable and fixed angle
Thumb latches for height adjustment
Cam-lock levers for heigh

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