Dillon DMB-967 Euphonium

Bb Compensating Euphonium. comes with case and large shank mouthpiece. 11.87" upright bell, 3+1 compensating monel pistons of .590/.650" bores. Nickel silver inner and outer slide tubing.

Miraphone Euphonium Model M5050 Silver Plate

The Bb euphonium M5050 “Ambassador” Edition with its exclusive trimmings belongs, without the shadow of a doubt, to the upper echelon of the euphonium class, possessing a wonderful rich and clear tone with impeccable intonation.

The shorter mouthpiece

Besson Sovereign 967 / 968 Euphonium

The Sovereign 967 and 968 and the 967T and 968T euphoniums with their lively response, “classic” BESSON tone and wonderful valve action are known and trusted by players all over the world. The Sovereign euphoniums are slightly lighter in weight than the P

John Packer JP274 Euphonium

The JP274 features a fully compensating system enabling players to more accurately tune their playing. The instrument also includes an 11" bell for greater projection and a full, dark sound.

The JP274 features:

Constructed from yellow bras

King Legend 2280 Euphonium in Lacquer

King "Legend" - .580" primary bore, 4 valve top action, .600" bore through 4th valve, 11" upright bell, nickel plated pistons, nickel silver outside tubes, spring-loaded 3rd slide with adjustable finger ring, extra long 4th pull slide, clear lacquer finis

Besson 2051 / 2052 Prestige Euphonium

The Prestige 2051 and 2052 euphoniums feature the main tuning slide trigger system and unique lead pipe design and are the instruments of choice for many of the world’s professional soloists and band players alike. With the creation of the Prestige models

K&G Euphonium Mouthpieces

A unique and high quality K&G range of mouthpieces designed to assist with the ever increasing challenges faced by today’s euphonium players. The K&G euphonium mouthpieces have been designed to offer euphonium players great flexibility, with the air flow

John Packer JP374 Sterling Euphonium

The JP374 Sterling Bb Euphonium features:

Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass throughout
Features a 12" bell for superior sound projection
Fully compensating
Includes a 3+1 bottom sprung valve system enabling an alternative fingering system

Used Besson Imperial Bb Euphonium

Used Besson Imperial Bb Euphonium in satin silver with case. 11" upright bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .580/.650" bore. Takes large shank mouthpiece.

Perantucci (Sterling) 1065GHS Bb Euphonium

Perantucci (Sterling) 1065GHS Bb euphonium in silver with case. 11.75" bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .590/.670" bore.

Dillon DMB-1067 Euphonium

Bb Euphonium with 12" upright bell and 3+1 non-compensating pistons of .590/.650" bore. Comes with case and large shank mouthpiece. This is a superior intermediate Euphonium that is also perfect for an adult Community Band Musician.

Besson Performance 165 Bb Euphonium

The Besson New Standard euphoniums provide an excellent start for the careers of aspiring euphonium players. Modeled after the classic BESSON of years past, they are free blowing with an ease of tone production combined with an even response, excellent va

Willson "Celebration" 2960ST Euphonium, Trigger and Case, SIlver Plate

The new Willson Celebration 2960TA brass-band euphonium is an alternative to our world-famous model 2950TA euphonium. The new euphonium is notably easy to play, and in addition to its very smooth overtones, now has an even broader, more effortlessly produ

Willson 2900S Silver Plated Euphonium w/ Case

Bore: 630/670"
Bell diameter: 11 1/2"
four stainless steel piston valves
one piece seamless bell 3150
new silent valve system
Case: Included is the Willson Deluxe Case

Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oil 60mL

Yamaha synthetic valve oil is more consistent than traditional oils, giving it better stability in different temperatures. In addition to a smoother feel, you will also be adding to the life of your instrument thanks to a powerful corrosion inhibitor cont

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