Hammond Trombone Mouthpieces

Karl Hammond is recognized by players all over the world for his commitment to excellence through superior craftsmanship and professionalism. Dedication to working with the customer one-on-one to aid that musician in receiving the highest and most accurat

Bach Stradivarius Centennial Trombone

The year 2018 represents a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach. Having started his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy with the introduction of the first Bach trumpets in 1924 and the addition of trombones to the Vincent

Used Rath R9 Bb/F/Gb/D Cut Bell Bass Trombone

Used Rath R9 Professional Independent Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone in lacquer with cut bell. .562" bore yellow brass hand slide, brass "9" leadpipe, independent Hagmann valve section with dual heavy caps, gold brass tuning slide, 9.5" 750YLT light weight yello

Used King 3B "Silver Sonic" Bb Tenor Trombone

Used King 3B "Silver Sonic" Professional Bb Tenor Trombone in sterling silver. .508" bore hand slide, 8" sterling silver bell flare with gold wash bell interior. Instrument is in good condition apart from minor lacquer wear throughout, minor pitting at ha

Used Bach 50BG Professional Bb/F/D Bass Trombone

Used Bach 50BG Professional Bb/F/D Dependent Bass Trombone in lacquer with custom axial flow valves. .562" bore hand slide, dependent axial flow valve section by Chuck McAlexander with "Giardinelli Custom" stamping, 9.5" gold brass bell flare. Instrument

Griego Trombone Mouthpieces

Griego mouthpieces work exceptionally well in orchestral and wind band settings. They provide a distinct and rich sound that will complement the other brasses.

Dillon Bass Trombone

- Symphonic Bass Trombone
- .562 Bore
- Yellow Brass Bell
- Independent Double Rotor Design Bb/F/Gb/D
- Comes with extra tuning slide for Eb
- Also comes with case and mouthpiece.

S.E. Shires Q Series Bass Trombone

Model Q36YR

QBY Bell: 9.5 inch, two-piece, hand-hammered “QBII” taper in lightweight yellow brass with soldered bead
Independent F/G♭ rotary valves
Q62 Handslide: .562-inch, standard-weight yellow brass; nickel-silver wide crook
QYB Tuning Slide

King 2B Legend Series Trombone

The King 2102 "2B" is a classic jazz trombone design. It features a .481"/.491" dual bore handslide for excellent projection and clear upper range with a 7-3/8" professional yellow brass bell that offers a quick response with a subtle brilliance. The chro

M&W 929 Large Bore Double Valve Bass Trombone Bb/F/Gb with Detachable Bell

1 pc soldered rim in yellow or gold brass OR 2 pc with un-soldered rim in yellow or red brass, .562" handslide with yellow, gold, or nickel outer slides with yellow or nickel handslide crooks. Independent or dependent models available.

Conn 62H Bass Trombone

Conn "Symphony" - Double rotor dependent system, .562" primary bore, .594" bore through rotor sections, 9-1/2" rose brass bell, open wrap valve systems with traditional rotors, three interchangeable leadpipes, clear lacquer finish, Conn 1-1/2G mouthpiece,

Used Shires Double Trigger Bb/F/Gb/D Tenor Trombone

Used Shires Bb/F/Gb/D double trigger tenor trombone. Instrument has a 8 inch 1YM8 bell with older style engraving. It has a rose brass "s" tuning slide, an independent standard rotor valve section, a T47NLW hand slide, and a 1G leadpipe. The condition of

Used Yamaha Bass Trombone YBL-611II

Used Yamaha YBL-611II Dependent Bb/F/D Bass Trombone in lacquer. .563" bore hand slide, dependent rotor valve section, 10.5" red brass bell flare. Instrument is in good condition apart from scratches and minor dings throughout, and bell rim acid bleed. Co

Used Edwards Custom Bb/F Tenor Trombone in lacquer

Used Edwards Custom Bb/F Tenor Trombone in lacquer. .547" bore TBCN yellow brass hand slide with 2.5 Alessi silver leadpipe, open wrap axial flow valve section, rose brass tuning slide, 321CF yellow brass bell flare. Instrument is in good condition apart

J. W. Eastman Fiberglass Tenor Trombone Case

Fibreglass Shaped Case for Trombone are offered in black and silver. Other colours are available on demand.

Strong handle
5-6 nickel-plated latches
Backpack system
2 padded carrying straps
Special rubber case-edge seal
2 standing positions

Edwards B454-E Single bore(B-STDN) Bass Trombone

Versatility is the key to our bass trombone design. From orchestral to big band to brass band, the B454 can adapt to any performance situation.

9½", 10" or 10½" bell flares are available in a variety of wall thicknesses and tempers with soldered or uns

Used Shires B62-7YM Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone

Used Shires Bb/F/Gb/D Bass Trombone with B17YM Bell, B62 slide with interchangeable lead pipes. Independent rotor valves. Yellow C tuning slide. Instrument is in great condition with minor wear on tuning slide. There is evidence of repair at tubing going

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