Eastman EBC632 CC Tuba

This 34" tall CC tuba is wonderfully in tune and is a very easy and comfortable horn to play. Whether
in an orchestral setting, a community band, a church ensemble, a quintet, or solo work – this tuba
works well. The model 632 employs the following fe

Eastman EBB534 BBb Tuba

A beautifully crafted 4/4 size “American-style” BBb tuba. This tuba has a warm, centered tone that is
capable of powerful projection. It features precise intonation with good flexibility at any dynamic
level and is an ideal choice for advanced wind sym

Dillon Music Chris Olka Tuba Mouthpiece

Olka CB1
Rim diameter of 1.299" (33mm)
Throat of .323" (8.2mm)
Medium deep funnel cup.

Olka B1
rim diameter of 1.290" (32.75mm)
Throat of .291" (7.36mm)
Shallow funnel cup.

The Olka CB2
Rim diameter of 1.295” (32.38mm)
Throat of .319” (8.

Eastman EBC836 CC Tuba

The EBC836 is a 6/4 size tuba inspired by the legendary York orchestral CC tuba. This large tuba is at home on stage with a symphony orchestra or concert band, in the pit of an opera or ballet orchestra, and is nimble enough to play in small chamber ensem

Conn Helleberg Tuba Mouthpiece

The Conn Helleberg is the most famous tuba mouthpiece in the world, and the Conn Helleberg 7B is a slightly shallower-cupped version of the original. Named after the preeminent tuba player of his time, August Helleberg from the Sousa band, the Helleberg i

Dillon DBB-1284 BBb tuba in lacquer with case.

19.5” upright bell
37” tall
4 rotor valves of .750” bore in the first 3 valves and .800” bore in the 4th valve.
Weighs 24.4 pounds.
Comes with a zipper hard-shell case and a mouthpiece.
An easy to hold and play BBb tuba with the big velvety sound of

Used Meinl Weston 30 CC Tuba

Used Meinl Weston 30 CC tuba in raw gold brass, no case. 16.5" upright bell, 39" tall and 4 rotor valves of .768" bore. High end factory custom tuba is very free blowing with good intonation. Has the top tier nickel silver garland, full nickel silver v

Dillon Music Roylance Tuba Mouthpiece

Roylance CB1
Rim diameter of 1.295" (32.89mm)
Throat of .323" (8.2mm)
Deep funnel cup.

European shank is larger and the taper begins with an outside diameter of .540” (13.71mm)
American shank is smaller and the taper begins with an outside diameter

Used King 2341-UB BBb Tuba

Used King 2341-UB BBb tuba in lacquer with ProTec gig bag. 22" detachable upright bell and 4 front action piston valves of .687" bore. Adult owned tuba is in good condition.

Used Meinl Weston 30 CC Tuba

Used Meinl Weston 30 CC tuba in lacquer with Altieri gig bag. 16.5" upright bell with nickel silver garland and 4 rotor valves of .768" bore. Normal dents and lacquer wear. Nice playing 4/4 CC tuba.

Used King 2341-BF BBb Tuba

Used King 2341-BF BBb tuba in lacquer with cases. 21.5" detachable bell front bell and 4 front action pistons of .687" bore. Older horn has the preferred shorter York style leadpipe and wider main t/s crook.

Used Sonora BBb Tuba

Used Sonora (VMI 101) BBb tuba in lacquer, no case. 16.5" upright bell and 4 rotor valves of .748" bore. German built tuba plays well and takes standard American Shank tuba mouthpiece. Dents as can be seen in the pictures and missing the thumb ring. W

Robert Tucci Tuba Mouthpiece

Robert Tucci Symphonic Concert mouthpieces are based on decades of experience in both performance and manufacturing. They accommodate all types of BBb and CC-tuba, from medium-bore student instruments to those common in large symphonic bands and orchestr

Eastman Model EBE853 Eb Tuba

• Key of EEb, 4/4 size • .687” bore • 17” yellow brass, upright bell • 4 front-action pistons • Clear lacquer finish • Deluxe fiberglass case w/wheels

Demo Meinl Weston 5450RA-2 Tuono CC Tuba in Silver

Used Demo Meinl Weston 5450RA-2 “Tuono” CC tuba in silver with gig bag. 18.9” upright bell, 38.6” tall, and 5 rotor valves of .846” bore. 5/4 size tuba has a sound that can fill any size orchestra and keeps the fun playing characteristics of big rotor

Miraphone Petruscka F1281 F Tuba

The F tuba 1281 “Petruschka“ is a real “multi-talent”, easily lending itself to participation in every ensemble and offering all a tuba player could hope for, even large orchestra settings.

Despite its lean figure, the “Petruschka“ produces a sympho

Used Yamaha YEB-321S EEb Tuba

Used Yamaha YEB-321S EEb tuba in silver plate, no case. 15" upright bell and 4 top action pistons of .689" bore. Takes standard American shank tuba mouthpiece. Dents as visible in the pictures.

Used Yamaha YBB-631S BBb Tuba

Used Yamaha YBB-631S BBb tuba in silver plate, no case. 17.5” upright bell and 3+1 compensating pistons of .690”/.770” bore and takes standard American shank mouthpiece. Instrument is in good condition with standard wear and tear, biggest dent on small si

Used Meinl Weston 25L BBb Tuba

Used Meinl Weston 25L BBb tuba in lacquer with original gig bag. 17.75" upright bell and 4 rotor valves of .768" bore. Tuba is in great shape.

JK Exclusive Tuba Mouthpiece

JK Exclusive mouthpieces are characterized by the great volume of sound, accurate tuning, and responsiveness along with the precisely calculated cup guide and backbore, guaranteeing the musician long-term satisfaction. The consistency of the mouthpiece se

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