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Eastman EBB534 BBb Tuba

A beautifully crafted 4/4 size “American-style” BBb tuba. This tuba has a warm, centered tone that is
capable of powerful projection. It features precise intonation with good flexibility at any dynamic
level and is an ideal choice for advanced wind sym

Dillon 12915 BBb Tuba

Our full-sized 5 Valve BBb tuba. This is the best value on the market for a large 5 valve horn!

The Dillon 12915 BBb tuba is a large 5/4 size:

4 Piston Valves, 1 Rotor Valve

.835" bore

18.5" yellow brass bell

Nickel-Silver leadpipe


Dillon 641 BBb Tuba

Large 4/4 sized BBb tuba in lacquer finish is perfect for all around large ensemble playing. "Classic" designed horn has 4 rotor valves of .812" bore and 41" tall with a large throated 16.5" upright bell. Easy blowing large bore horn can be played loudly,

Dillon 1795 BBb Tuba

Dillon DBB-1795 BBb tuba in lacquer with mouthpiece and case. Slender 4/4 size tuba is 39" tall with a 15" upright bell and 4 rotor valves of .709" bore. Good intonation and weighs only 17-1/2 lbs. This model is very popular with players young and old w

Dillon 995 BBb Tuba

Perfect First Tuba!

7/8 size BBb tuba includes clear lacquer finish, mouthpiece, and a ABS Case with wheels. This easy to handle BBb tuba is 34” tall and has a 15” diameter upright bell. The 3 top action Monel piston valves have a bore size of .640”

Dillon 2341 BBb Tuba

4/4 BBb tuba in epoxy lacquer finish. 20” upright bell, 33.5” tall, and four front action pistons of .670” bore. Includes a case with wheels.

Eastman EBB562 BBb Tuba

The model EBB562 is a 4/4 size “Germanic” instrument with four rotary valves and a .748“ bore.
This tuba features a big open sound with good projection. It is the perfect choice for the player that
wants rotary valves, and doesn’t want the larger bore

Miraphone Hagen BB497-4V BBb Tuba

As with its smaller sister 496, the “Hagen 497” plays with balanced intonation, superb response in all registers and a maximum of playability-comfort. This wide-bore, 6/4 size tuba with rotary valves is ideal for any situation, where a very large volume o

Eastman EBB226 BBb Tuba

The EBB226 is a student model tuba with four front-action valves and a .687” bore. This tuba
has a warm, centered tone, precise intonation and good flexibility, making it ideal for beginning
players, as well as professional musicians that need a small

Miraphone Siegfried 98 BBb Tuba Silver Plate

Valve system: Rotary valves
Valves: 5-valves
Bell diameter: 500 mm - 19.685 inch
Material: Brass
Finish: silver plated

B&S GR55 5/4 size BBb rotary tuba

The B&S GR55 is a beautifully striking 5/4 size BBb in goldbrass. It holds its own in the league of 5/4 BBb’s and is just an all out solid performer. It is safe to say it rivals its bretheran Fafner from across the aisle, in terms of sound and power.


King 2341 BBb Tuba

.687" bore, 20" upright bell, four piston front action tuba. Great concert tuba. Large sonority of sound. Hand adjustable first slide for tuning.

Miraphone Hagen BB496-4V BBb Tuba

The “Hagen” Bb tuba series by Miraphone consists, as the name suggests, of Germanic style models in all aspects. The goal set by our designers was to attain a typical German Bb tuba sound, regardless of the actual size of the instrument.

The “Hagen 496

Miraphone Hagen BB495-4V BBb Tuba

model 495 Hagen
rotary valves
4 valves
yellow brass

Dillon 744L BBb Tuba

Compact 4/4 size BBb tuba with epoxy lacquer finish. 15-3/4” upright bell, 32.5” tall and four rotor valves of .748” bore. Comes with a zippered fabric covered case with wheels.

Conn 5J BBb Tuba

Smaller bore .658" concert tuba. 18" bell provides a more compact sound and feel. Front action pistons

B&S GR51 4/4 size BBb rotary tuba

The B&S GR51 is a fantastic 4/4 size BBb rotary tuba in the market today. Reminicient of the older Bavarian tubas from Graslitz Austria, its bell has a larger and faster taper than other tubas in its class. The result is a punchier sound and easier maneuv

Miraphone 495 Hagen BBb Tuba

model 495 Hagen
rotary valves
4 valves
yellow brass

Miraphone BB187-4V Lacquer BBb Tuba

- Bell diameter 450 mm (17,717 inch)
- 4/4 wide
- rotary valves
- Bore of valve section 19,6 mm (0,772 inch)
- spiral spring system
- nickel silver wreath
- Mouthpiece TU31
- lacquered

Miraphone BB187-5V-GB Gold Brass Rotor Tuba

Key: BBb
Valve system: Rotary valves
Valves: 5-valves
Bell diameter: 450 mm - 17.717 inch
Material: Gold Brass
Finish: lacquered

Besson Performance 187 BBb tuba

The Besson BE187 New Standard is the Performance Bb for students.

It is a compact instrument with a nice punchy sound and is easily filled up by younger players.

Key : Bb
Bore : .690" / 17,53 mm
Bell : Yellow brass 16" / 408 mm
Valves : 3 in stai

Miraphone BB1272-4V Lacquer Piston BBb Tuba

- Bell diameter 420 mm (16,535 inch)
- 3/4
- piston valves
- Bore of valve section conical 18,8 - 19,6 mm (0,74 - 0,772 inch)
- front action
- Material of mouthpipe nickel silver
- Mouthpiece TU17

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