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Roger Ingram Trumpet Mouthpiece

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The Ingram Lead Mouthpiece is ideal when performing a demanding 1st trumpet book in a modern day jazz ensemble. This mouthpiece projects extremely well and yields a bright sound. Access to the upper and extreme upper registers can be easily accomplished with this mouthpiece, when approached properly. This mouthpiece is an improved version of the mouthpiece Mr Ingram used on every big band he has performed and recorded on since his days with the Woody Herman Orchestra in the 1980s. This mouthpiece has been improved by optimizing the cylindrical section of the backbore yielding significantly better slotting in all registers. 
The inner rim diameter is 0.619. The outer rim diameter is 1.057. This mouthpiece comes stock with a #30 drill. 
The Ingram Lead mouthpiece and the Ingram V-Cup can be used in conjunction with each other in many playing situations. Mr Ingram Ingram finds it extremely easy to switch back and forth between these two mouthpieces when needed. 
This Ingram V-cup Mouthpiece is an improved version of the V-cup Roger Ingram has played for decades. Until now, there has been only one in existence. The Ingram V-cup is the mouthpiece Mr. Ingram uses for specific upper register work. Roger Ingram has used his V-cup in conjunction with the "Ingram Lead" mouthpiece on the majority of big band CDs/DVDs he has played on during the last 20 years. Because of the multitude of inquiries in recent years with regard to getting a copy of Ingram's V-cup, Mr. Ingram has finally decided to make this unique duplicate available. 
For the historical record: the design of this new V-cup is based on a custom-made mouthpiece crafted by Dominick Callichio for Maynard Ferguson in the 1950s. The design of the Giardinelli MF-1 was loosely modeled after this same Callichio piece in the early 1960s. In the 1990s Maynard gifted his original Callichio mouthpiece to Mr. Ingram. There are many similarities between Ingram's V-cup and Maynard's vintage Callichio. However, there are important differences: the back-bore of the Ingram V-cup mouthpiece is medium-to-open and the exact length of the back-bore's cylindrical section has been adjusted to optimize accuracy and provide greater ease of slotting in the upper registers. The taper of the cup's V has been slightly modified to improve playability. The solid brass blank for the new Ingram V-cup is an original blend of design characteristics and was carefully designed by Mr. Ingram to optimize "mass" appeal. 
The inner rim diameter is 0.609. The outer rim diameter is 1.020. This mouthpiece comes stock with a #30 drill.
The Ingram Studio Mouthpiece is ideal for commercial recording dates (where extreme upper register notes are not required), and for Broadway and/or show work. This is the mouthpiece Mr Ingram used during his years in New York City when he was working a multitude of Broadway shows in between tours with Harry Connick, Jr., Ray Charles, and Paul Anka. Mr Ingram uses this mouthpiece for commercial recording sessions to this day (i.e., radio, tv, and movies, etc.)
This mouthpiece has a bowl cup and is deeper and wider than the Ingram Lead mouthpiece. The Ingram Studio mouthpiece projects extremely well and has a much broader sound than the Ingram Lead mouthpiece. Solid upper register "money notes" are easily attainable with this mouthpiece. Mr Ingram does not use this mouthpiece when attempting to access the "extreme" upper register. This mouthpiece is a reliable "all-around" mouthpiece. 
The inner rim diameter is 0.645, the outer rim diameter is 1.060. The cup depth is 0.380in (9.65mm). This mouthpiece comes stock with a #30 drill.
The Ingram Be-Bop Mouthpiece is ideal for straight-ahead jazz improvisation. The sound and flexibility it offers enables the player to acheive sound and technique not unlike that of Clifford Brown, Kenny Dorham, and a host of other iconic "be-bop" players of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. This mouthpiece is also an excellent all-around "middle of the road" mouthpiece for a greater variety of playing needs. There are a few instances where this mouthpiece has worked very well for playing lead in a commercial capacity. As opposed to the studio mouthpiece, which is also an excellent all-around mouthpiece, the Be-Bop affords a player an easier attack, due to the slightly sharper inner bite of the rim.
The Ingram Jazz Mouthpiece is ideal for jazz improvisation and orchestral work. Mr Ingram has used this mouthpiece in the appropriate situations for decades. This mouthpiece has a bowl cup and is significantly deeper and wider than the Ingram Studio mouthpiece. The Ingram Jazz mouthpiece has a dark sound and offers great flexibility. Mr Ingram does not attempt to play lead trumpet in a commercial capacity with this mouthpiece. 
The inner rim diameter is 0.648. The outer rim diameter is 1.066. The cup depth is 0.427in (10.85mm). This mouthpiece comes with a #28 drill and the backbore is slightly more open than the other 3 mouthpieces in the Ingram line. 


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